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You Can Place Canadian Bets on Football Matches

You Can Place Canadian Bets on Football Matches 1

How many football bets you can place online is going to be determined by just which betting sites you sign up to, and for those of you that are seeking the maximum returns, you should be looking for a bookie offering every possible type of bet.

By doing so you are going to be able to make use of footy coupons and combination bets that will allow you to select as many teams as you wish to bet on and either have them permed together in an accumulator bet or a combination bet, and today I am going to be looking at what a Canadian bet is.

Keep in mind though that when you are placing a combination bet such as a Canadian bet you are going to have to pick out a unit stake to place on each of the individual bets that make that type o bet up, however you are not going to have any problems being able to locate a betting site at which you can either place a low stake or even a very high stake Canadian bet.

But to ensure that you never experience any problems what so ever when betting online or for that matter when you set about betting on a mobile betting app, please read through this guide in its entirety as that way you are going to be introduced to one betting site that many football punters rave about.

That betting site is famed for their never ending promotional offers that will see football punters being able to take advantage of things such as consolation bonuses or odds boosters and a range of additional promotional deals that will ensure that they always get the maximum betting value.

Never underestimate the importance of picking out and betting which a bookie that is always going to treat you right and ensure you get a first class and completely hassle free type of online or mobile betting experience, as let’s face it who needs fuss or hassle when simply placing a football bet.

How a Canadian Bet is Designed

There are going to be a total of 26 bets that you will be playing when you opt to place a Canadian bet, and you are going to have to place just five selections on that bet too.

By doing so you will have each of your selections covered in 10 doubles, so you will have to get at least two football match results correct to get a winning pay-out on that type of bet, but get more than two and then the potential winnings really will start to mount up.

That is due to there also being 10 trebles on that bet, five four-fold bets alone with one five-fold accumulator bet too.

One of the main reasons this type of bet is popular with punters is that they can place favourites as their chosen results in any matches they wish to have a financial interest in, and as the bets are covered in doubles, trebles, along with four-fold bets and a five-fold bet the winnings can be much higher than by simply backing one team in a  single bet.

As for just which stake you can place on a Canadian bet, just be aware that the unit stake will have to be the same for all 26 bets, so if you place for example a 2.00 unit stake on each of those individual bets that make up a Canadian your total outlay will be 52.00.

If you have fewer or even more than five teams you wish to place on a combination bet then please do take a good look around this website, as I have recently uploaded serval other combination bet guides that will be suitable when you want to place any number of teams on such a bet, so you will certainly find one such bet that suits you down to the ground for sure.

Where to Place Canadian Bets

Paddy Power is one of several betting sites that are showcased and presented to you throughout this website, and the is of course a reason why that bookie is one of our approved betting sites, and that is they provide punters with everything they need to have a fully rounded betting experience.

You are going to be offered a massive range of different football betting markets to pick and choose from, and it does of course also go without saying that they are going to let you place a Canadian bet on any upcoming football matches that you fancy betting on.

With some massive cash-out and pay-out limits, if you do win big placing any type football bet with Paddy Power you are always going to get paid out those winnings inf full and on time by a payment method that you have selected, and they do offer a massive range of different payment methods on their banking interface too.

Now, one aspect of betting with Paddy Power that you really are going to enjoy if betting on football is something you avidly and regularly do, is that they are always dreaming up plenty of consolation bonuses, which could see a lowing bet being turned into a winning one, of something happens in a  match you have bet on and your bet loses, so be on the lookout for them is my advice.

All new customers of Paddy Power are of course going to be able to avail themselves of the Paddy Power sign up welcome bonus offer, but make sure that you click onto any of our links to get to their website to be credited with the best bonus offer if you do go on to sign up as one of their new customers.

Please do check out some of my many additional betting guides located throughout this website as there are plenty of them available that cover the entire range of bets and wagers that you can place on any upcoming football matches no matter where in the world those matches are taking place.

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