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Win Both Halves

Win Both Halves 1

The Win Both Halves football coupon is going to be of interest to plenty of fans of football and punters alike, for it is a type of bet on which you are tasked with picking out any number of football matches in which you think and will be hoping that one team is going to score the most goals but in both halves of the match.

One of the main benefits of opting to make use of this type of footy coupon is that the odds attached to either teams can be quite high, in fact much higher than on a standard match betting type of football coupon.

But obviously the odds are higher on either team than on most other football coupons since one of the teams must score more goals than the other team in the first half of the match and in the second half of the match too.

Dependent on just which betting site you choose to make use of this type of football coupon bet, you will find the stake levels you can place on it can be low to high, but always keep in mind that the more teams you select will increase your potential winning pay-out.

As is always the case with football coupons though, the bet you will be placing is an accumulator bet, and as such if any of the teams you do pick out to score more goals than the other team in both halves of the match doesn’t go on to do so then your bet will not be a winning one!

Where to Place a Win Both Halves Coupon Bet

Whilst you can of course have some excellent runs of luck when playing Win Both Halves coupon bets, you need to always know that the pay-out odds that you are being offered are the best ones available online, and as such you will need to find a bookie that is famed for offering higher than average odds on their footy coupons.

I think that as soon as you discover just how wide and varied the range of football coupon bets are going to be on offer to you at Paddy Power, you will always be interested in placing a bet with them, much more so due to the extremely generous odds they often have attached to such bets and wagers too.

But do keep in mind that Paddy Power are also best known for their unique range of consolation bets that can often kick in when you have placed a losing football bet, and it is those that all savvy football punters will also be eager to make full use of too.

Clicking on any of our links that take you over to the Paddy Power website will ensure that if you haven’t yet signed up to Paddy Power you will be able to claim their welcome bonus, and the full terms and conditions attached to that bonus and their ongoing ones can all be viewed when you arrive at their website.

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