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What is Super Heinz Football Bet?

What is Super Heinz Football Bet? 1

As soon as you take a look through each of my football bet related guides and articles, you are probably going to be slightly overwhelmed by just how many different and very unique bets are going to be on offer to you when you first set about betting on football online, however it is always going to be worth learning how each and every bet has been designed.

With that in mind what this guide is going to be enlightening you on is one specific type of bet known as a Super Heinz bet, and it is a bet that is made up of lots of individual wagers, which you may just fancy placing online when you have several different football teams for example that you are convinced are going to win their very next matches.

A combination bet such as a Super Heinz bet is placed on one single betting lip but is a series of individual bets that are going to see the winnings achieved from one of your selected football matches then being rolled over onto another one.

Be aware though that the more football matches that you predict the correct result of , that either being a win for the home team or the away team or whether the match will end in a draw the bigger and higher in value you winning pay-outs will become, and a Super Heinz bet is a bet that is suitable for punters who are prepared to place bets of any value too, so you are not going to have to bet big when placing such a bet.

Now, please do read on and if you do like what you earn about a Super Heinz bet and you fancy trying your luck by placing one of them then the bookie listed and showcased to you in the final section of this guide is the one that you should be placing those bets at, so make sure that you do sign up to their betting site or their betting app.

How a Super Heinz Bet is Designed

A Super Heinz bet is a great alternative to placing a football coupon bet, for when placing the latter, you do of course need to get every single result you pick out and place on that bet correct to get any type of winning pay-out.

However some bookies do offer consolation bets on some of their coupon bets if one team lets you down, however when you place an Super Heinz bet you only need to get two of the results correct on that bet to pick up some winnings.

There is however the need for you to select a total of 7 results and place them on a Super Heinz bet, and as such do think long and hard which ones to pick out, as the more of them you get correct over two in number, the much higher in value your winnings will be.

You are going to have those 7 results you do pick out in a total of 120 bets, so it will not be a low cost wager to place, unless you pick out a tiny unit stake as that unit stake will need to be multiplied by 120 for you to arrive at the total cost of placing that bet.

As for which individual bets make up a Super Heinz bet, well there will be some 21 doubles covered in that bet,35 trebles too, a total of 35 four-folds, 21 fivefold bets, 7 six-fold bets, and one seven-fold bet as well.

This type o bet is great for picking out the favourites to win any matches, as if those favourites do go on to win each of the seven matches you have chosen then each of your 120 individual bets will all be winning ones and the return will be high.

Where to Place Super Heinz Bets

It is over at the Betfred betting site where you are always going to be guaranteed of getting access to every single type of football bet you wish to place.

If you have not yet signed up as one of their customers then make a point of clicking through to their betting site using any of our website, links as that way you are going to be able to take advantage of an enhanced welcome bonus offer, that may just get you off to a winning and flaying start, check out their website for more details of that offer and what else they have to offer new customers too, as you will like what you see when you do so.

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