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Total Player Shots on Target Coupon Betting

Total Player Shots on Target Coupon Betting 1

As you will have noticed whilst looking around this website, when it comes to football betting coupons, there are never any shortages of them available to you, and more than enough betting sites, betting apps and even land based betting shops and sportsbooks at which you can place such bets on or at too.

There are however always going to be some weird and wonderful and often some new types of betting coupons that you will find going live from time to time at various different betting sites too, and today I want to introduce and showcase to you one such coupon bet.

It is William Hill that has what is known as the total player shots on target football coupon bet on offer, and if you are a very avid following of the sport of football, and think you can predict which players are going to be rattling in the goals or attempting to in any upcoming match, then that betting coupon really is going to suit you down to the ground.

However, let me first take a look at what exactly a shot on target is, for some of you out there may not have a clue exactly what is defined as being a shot of target, and it is important you do get your head around what one is if you are going to make use of that betting coupon as a user of the William Hill betting site or when you are using their betting app instead.

What is a Shot on Target?

So, what exactly is a shot on target? Well, is it defined officially and for betting purposes as being any goal attempted by any player that goes into the net regardless of whether a player was intending to score a goal or not.

However, a shot on target can also be classified as a clear attempt by any footballer to score a goal that would have done but for the actions of the goalkeeper or any other player.

Keep in mind though that some shots are not classified as being shots on target, so for example if a player sends the ball flying but it hits the goalpost for example that is not counted as being a shot on target, for it wasn’t on target due to it missing the net and bouncing off the goalpost, the only exception being if the goal does then immediately end up in the net after initially bouncing off the goalpost and is then awarded as a goal.

Now that you have a basic understanding of just what a shot on target it, let me now move onto looking at just what types of bets you can make use of on such a betting market and how you can perm together such bets on a  football coupon bet too.

Example of a Shot on Target Betting Market

Below I will give you an idea of just which bookie is always going to be offering you plenty of shot on target football coupons to make use of, and for reference that bookie is William Hill.

Now, you will of course need to have some idea of just what odds you can get on certain players on that type of betting market so that you can work out both whether it will be financially beneficial to you to place such a bet it if pays off and also which players in any match could be selected by you and will have odds on offer on them.

One recent UEFA Champions League match that you probably watched, was on the 11th of December 2019, and that was the long-awaited match between Dinamo Zagreb vs Man City.

William Hill was offering odds that Mislav Orsic would have at least one shot on target, and they were offering punters odds of 4/9 on that betting opportunity.

However, you could also bet on Mislav Orsic to have more than one shot on target and that bet had odds of 6/4 associated with it, you could instead have opted for him to have exactly two shots on target in that match and the odds on that were also 6/4.

If however you decided that being the player he is, he would have had exactly two or three shots on target in that match you could have bagged odds of 4/1 and 9/1 respectively, and as you can see the more goals on target you correctly predict the bigger in value such odds do become.

Placing Footy Coupon and Acca Bets with William Hill

Stick to placing any football bets and wagers at bookies that have a solid reputation is my advice, and when it comes to a bookie that does you can always rely on William Hill to both lay you some of the best odds in the business, accept any size of bet and they will of course always pay you out your winnings if you win too.

One thing that is very noticeable about William Hill is that they have a huge team of odds compilers, and that is reflected in the fact that they have by far and away the largest and most diverse range of betting markets available on their betting site, and on their betting app too.

As such it doesn’t matter what type of football coupon bet you are looking to place you will always be assured of finding a betting coupon to make use of when visiting their site or when using their betting app instead.

For those of you out there that haven’t yet signed up as a customer of William Hill, by clicking through to their website sing any of our links dotted around this website they will also offer you a high valued welcome sign up bonus offer, but as is always the case with such bonuses and offers make sure you have a look over the terms and conditions associated with it, so you know how to claim it.

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