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The website is a news and information site, which is based around the topic of football coupons and football betting in general.

Be aware that at no time are you going to be able to place a bet directly on this website, however due to the nature of the content found upon this site you need to be over the legal age to gamble in the country in which you are visiting this site from to make use of it.


All the images, logos and written content found upon this website along with the layout is protected by copyright and therefore you are not permitted to copy or reproduce anything found on this website unless you first seek and get our approval to do so.

Cookies and Privacy

We do use cookies throughout the website, and to ensure your privacy is always protected we have our own privacy police in place on this website too that you are advised to read through.

Understanding the Risk of Gambling

Please do always keep in mind that betting and gambling in general is a risky business, and therefore you should always make a point of setting aside your own gambling budget and bankroll but only if you can afford to do so.

You should always familiarise yourself with the risks associated with betting and gambling, and at no point in time can we be held responsible for any losses incurred by you when gambling.

Errors and Omissions

Our team of writers do take great care to ensure their guides, articles and news stories are free from any errors or omissions however being human from time to time there could be errors and omissions in the written content found upon this website.

As all that content is for information purposes only, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any errors or omissions, but if you do spot any please do get in touch and we will get them corrected as soon as is possible.

Third Party Websites

We do link to several third-party websites if we feel that those other websites might be of interest to you, but as we do not own or operate them, we cannot be held responsible for any content, images or services offered by any third-party sites we link to or mention throughout this website.

Those websites will have their own privacy and cookie policies and their own respective terms and conditions too, which you are advised to read through when visiting those sites.

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

You will see a range of promotional offers displayed throughout this website, however one thing to be aware of always is that those offers can and could change at any time.

Whilst we do take great care to ensure they are fully update and all offers are still available, occasionally the offers, bonuses and other promotional deal can change, so therefore we cannot be held responsible for any differences regarding those offers displayed on our website and the ones that are actually now available, so please do double check for yourself to confirm they are still available to you.

Betting Odds

One final thing to be aware of when you do set about betting in any shape or form, is that the odds that will be made available to you from any betting sites, bookmakers and/or sportsbooks are going to be subject to change at any time.

Therefore, please do be aware that any odds we do list throughout this website on any betting opportunities could change at any time in the future, and the onus is on you to check those odds are still available to you if you wish to make use of them and secure them.