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Result and 3 or More Goals

Result and 3 or More Goals 1

One of the much more challenging types of football coupon bets you are going to come across, is one on which you are tasked with picking out a number of football matches in which you have to try and predict the result of each match, but those matches you select must have three or more goals scored in them.

The pay-out odds on this type of coupon bet can of course be huge, as long as you are lucky enough to have predicted whether each match you have chosen ends either in a  home or away win or the match ends in a draw and that three or more goals have been scored in that match too.

When you do stumble across a match result and 3 or more goals football coupon you will find listed a set of odds alongside each team listed on that footy coupon.

Those odds will be for the home team to win, the away team to win and for the draw, and obviously those odds will be dependent on three or more goals being scored in that match, and will therefore be much higher in value than a standard match result type of coupon due to the number of goals needing to be scored.

It can and does often surprise punters just how many matches do end up being ones in which three or more goals are scored, so if you do fancy taking a chance on this type of footy coupon bet then why not give one a try.

Where to Place a Result and 3 or More Goals Coupon Bet

What you need to keep in mind when placing any type of football bet that appeals to you, is that not all bookies offering the same types of bets will be offering you the same odds, therefore you are best advised to pick out a bookie famed for offering decent odds above all else.

One bookie that does and a bookie that tends to offer a plethora of additional betting bonuses which can include consolation bonuses and odds boosters is the Coral sportsbook.

Therefore if you haven’t yet signed up to Coral then you really should be doing sooner rather than later, and thanks to their sign up bonus that you will see displayed throughout our website by signing up through our links that bonus will allow you to lock in more betting value.

Plus, it does of course go without saying that are far as footy coupon bets go, there will be offering you a w die range of them directly from their website, but they do also have their own unique betting app too on which you can also place any type of footy coupon bet you fancy placing.

Plenty of deposit options are available, and they do offer their customers both fast winning pay-outs and some very high cash-out limits too, so if you win big you will always get paid out your winning son time and in full too!

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