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There can be no better feeling in the world than a punter having spent any amount of time studying the form of any football team, and then placing a bet on that team and then seeing them winning their match.

However, gambling whether by placing a football bet or gambling in any shape of form does come with its own set of risks, and I have compiled this responsible gambling guide to bring to your attention to risks of gambling, how you can limit any potential losses, and just as importantly how you are going to be able to seek help, support and advice if you wish to stop gambling too.

Set Your Own Gambling Limits

You will be invited to set your own personal gambling limits when you log into moist if not all betting sites these days, and that is something that you should always be prepared to do.

Things that you are going to be able to set when making use of those particular option settings include the amount of time you can stay logged into your account, the amount of cash that you will be allowed to deposit over any given time period, and you may also be given the option of setting your own loss limits too, so always make a point of using those gambling limit option settings as they will help you stay in full control of your gambling activities online.

Take a Break Options

Most gambling sites, including betting sites that are licensed and regulated will have an option that will allow you to take a break from that site at any time of your own choosing, and often for any amount of time too.

The take a break option setting will be accessible once you have logged into your account, and as such you will often not need to contact anybody to put into place a take a break option.


There is one way that you are always going to be able to negate the possibility of you gambling or betting at any site that you may have signed up to, and that is by you requesting something that is known as a self-exclusion.

When you choose to go down the self-exclusion route you are instructing the gambling or betting site that you know longer wish to gamble or bet at that site ever again and they will then impose a lifetime ban on you.

Additional Help, Support and Advice

If you feel that you cannot control your gambling activities and get the overwhelming urge to gamble at all times of the day or night, or you are spending way too much time and money on your betting activities, then it will be time to seek the help and support of one of the many gambling problem charities.

Two that come highly recommended that are going to be able to offer you online, phone or even face to face support are GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous, and if you do feel you need any help what so ever regarding gambling problems them you should initially pay a visit to their respective website.