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We also have a cookie policy associated with this website and we also have our own set of terms and conditions relating to this website too, and you are advised to read through both by following the links on any page of this website to view them.

Signing Up to Post Comments

If you make use of our facility that allows you to post comments on this website, please do ensure that you do not select a username that is going to identify you personally, unless you wish to be identified.

You will have to supply us with your own personal information to post such comments, and you can delete that account at any time, however we reserve the right to both keep any comments that have bene posted by you in place on this website and remove any comments too.

If we are required by law to pass on your details to any third party such as the police, then we will do so.


Be aware that they may be a requirement for us to share your information with specially selected third-party companies, when for example you take part in any promotional offers or competitions that we may offer on this website from time to time.

By sharing your information with for example a company or third party that is sponsoring such a competition, as that way they can let you know if you have won and can then set about arranging for your prize to be delivered to you.

That is something we may also do if you choose to sign up to any newsletters, we may make available to you, so that any advertisers or sponsors can showcase their offers, deals and bonus offers to you, as per the nature of those newsletters.

How We Store Your Personal Information

If for any of the reasons set out on this privacy policy you do supply us with any of your own personal information, then please be aware that it will only ever be used for the reasons you supplied it with us in the first place.

That information will be stored using the highest levels of security protocols available to us, however as you will know there is always going to be a risk when anyone does go about storing such information, but we will always store that formation as securely as we possibly can do at all times.

Contacting Us

You can contact us at any time and by doing so you can rest assured that we will only ever use the email address you contact us from to reply to any questions that you may have asked us.

Be aware that at no time will we start sending you out advertising material if you have contacted us, unless you have specifically asked us to do so, you will not be signed up to any news letters or the such like when contacting us, and your email address will be stored using the highest security protocols too.