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Paddypower Football Coupons

Paddypower Football Coupons 1

Paddy Power have torn up the rule book when it comes to their PaddyPower football coupon betting opportunities, and they are a betting site at which you are always going to have the very largest array of different coupons available to you, no matter when you log onto their site.

paddy power football coupon

They are famed for their unique and exclusive promotional offers, which can and do take many different forms, and at the end of the day as a punter that does enjoy the occasional flutter on football matches, those offers, and deals are going to help you lock in plenty of betting value.

I have compiled the following guide to give you an insight into just how wide and varied their range of football coupons are, so read on for you will very quickly warm to their betting site, betting app and their huge and diverse range of football coupons too.

Claim Our Featured Paddy Power Sign Up Bonus

If you do fancy giving the Paddy Power betting site a try, if you haven’t yet signed up as a customer of their online betting site or even their mobile betting app you will be more than welcome to do so at any time of the day or night.

We do of course, as you can see whilst perusing this website, have an exclusive and very high valued welcome bonus offer that is available to you, and to claim that bonus you simply need to click though our links to get to their site, and by doing so that bonus is yours to claim once you have registered as one of their new customers.

But please do read through the terms and conditions of that bonus to discover how to claim it and how to use it, and I am more than confident if everything does go to plan and you win with that bonus you will face no delays in getting your winnings processed and sent back out to you!

Why Bet with Paddy Power?

There are several reasons why I would encourage you to try out the Paddy Power betting site of their state-of-the-art betting app, the first is of course they do offer a constant stream of high valued bonus offers to their customers.

Another reason is that they do tend to offer some of the biggest and best odds in the industry on all up and coming football matches, and when it comes to the range of footy coupons, as you will find out below, there are more than enough of them for you to pick and choose from.

One final thing about Paddy Power that will appeal to every single punter out there, is that they do have some of the highest pay-out and cash out limits, and as such if you do ever beat the odds and win big you can count on them to pay you out your winnings quickly and in full too.

Acca Insurance Coupon

Everybody does of course like getting something extra when betting on football, and I am more than confident that if you do place quite a lot of footy coupon bets, then at some point you will have placed several them and just one team let you down!

Well, by making use of the Paddy Power Insurance Coupon you are going to get you stake money of up to £20 returned to you as a free bet if one team does let you down when placing this type of bet.

There are a small number of terms and conditions associated with this football coupon, however they have been kept to a minimum, and it will be on a 5 team plus bet and on any of the listed UK and top European matches that the insurance will be applicable to.

Bet and Watch Coupon

Paddy Power video stream live many football matches directly from their website, and that will be handy to know if you have placed a bet on a football match that isn’t being shown on television.

In fact, you may be out and about and want to keep track of any matches that you have bet on via your mobile phone, and if that is the case you should make use of the Watch Live for Free Coupon that they have on offer to their customers

Listed upon that coupon will be all of the matches that they are streaming live, and you can of course try and predict the outcomes in as many of them as you like, and then tune into any of the live streams to keep bang up to date on how those matches are progressing at any time they are in-play.

2 Up Football Coupon

How many times have you been watching a football match and seen a football team go two goals up or even more goals up and then their opponents by some sheer fluke of luck, or of course skill, manage to overturn their lead and then go on to win that match or the match goes the way of the draw?

Well, that is something that you are never going to have to worry about when betting with Paddy Power if you have chosen to make use of their 2 Up football coupons.

If any team you have bet on manages to take a lead in their respective matches and go two goals up at any point during that match, then Paddy Power will class that team as winning the match, even if they go on to lose or draw the match!

Same Game Multi Coupon

At the start of this guide to the many different Paddy Power football coupons, I did tell you that they have ripped up the rule book, and that will become very apparent when you make use of their Same Game Multi football coupon!

What you are going to be able to do when you make use of that footy coupon is include several different aspects of the same football match onto your footy coupon bet, so if you for example want to bet on the correct score of a match and also name the first player to score and/or any other aspect of a match, then Paddy Power are going to allow you to do just that!

This is an ideal football coupon to make use of when you want to back one team that you are an avid fan of or for that matter any number of teams that you feel you have the knowledge to allow you to work out and predict the way that match is likely to be played and the way the match will ultimately end.

Draw No Bet Coupon

What better way to improve your chances of winning when placing a football coupon related bet than by you not having the standard three outcomes to bet on in a match, but just two of them.

The Draw No Bet coupon on offer at the Paddy Power betting site is going to remove the draw from the list of outcomes on a match and as such they will be offering you just odds on the home team winning and the away team winning.

If a match you have bet on ends in a draw then it is a no bet, just keep in mind though that due to the draw being removed for betting purposes the win odds on each team will have been adjusted to take that into account.

Double Chance Football Coupon

You can choose to bet on the home team and away team winning a match, or the home team or the draw being one of the two outcomes of any upcoming match or even back the draw and the away team as the outcome on any match when you make use of the Double Chance coupon from Paddy Power.

Therefore, you get twice the chances of winning when placing bets on that coupon on every single match you pick, but the odds offered will of course be slightly lower than on the standard football coupons due to you have two of the three possible outcomes that a match could end in rather than just one of them.

BTTS Footy Coupon

One final type of football coupon bet that you can place over at the Paddy Power betting site or via their app is a BTTS bet.

That is short of Both Teams to Score, and all that you need to do is to work your way through the list of matches on that footy coupon and try and work out just which of the matches listed you think are going to be ones in which at some point in time during the match both teams will score a goal.

As long as both teams do rattle in one goal each at the very least then you will have won on that match when betting on them, but if either or both teams do not score one goal at least then that bet is a losing one!

Visit Paddy Power & check out all their football coupons here.

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