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Lucky 63 Football Bets

Lucky 63 Football Bets 1

The three most popular combinations bets that football punters tend to place more than any other are a Lucky 15 bet, a Lucky 31 bet, and the bet that I will be taking a look at in the following guide, that being a Lucky 63 bet, and when placing any of them you will be placing lots of individual bets and the aim is to predict the correct outcome of each match you select.

However, one of the main attractions of a Lucky 63 bet in addition to the huge pay-out potential offered by them, is that some betting sites will award you with a bonus pay-out based on just how many correct result you predict on such a bet and below will be one bookie that does have the highest valued bonus pay-outs currently on offer to punters.

Now, when you are sat there looking through the list of upcoming football matches you are of course going to find some teams that are being offered with extremely low odds of winning their next match, but that doe of course mean that they are likely to win those matches, and they are the teams that you should be placing on a Lucky 63 type of bet.

The reason why a Lucky 63 bet is a perfect bet to place favourites on, is that many of the individual bets that make up such a wager are going to be accumulator bets, meaning that if the first team wins then the winnings and the initial stake you placed on that team then roll over onto the next team and then net team and so on.

As long as each team does go on to win their respective match then you are in line for a high valued winning pay-out, but even if one team does let you down and doesn’t win you are still going to be picking up a decent valued pay-out, and below is an overview of how to place such a bet and where you should be placing them too.

How to Place a Lucky 63 Football Bet Online

As for whether you are going to get the urge to place a Lucky 63 type of football bet, well that is of course a decision that only you can make, however what I will now be going is letting you know just how many football match outcomes that you need to pick out to be in a position to place such a bet and how they are all going to be permed together on such a bet.

You are going to have to pick out the outcomes of six upcoming football matches to be able to place a Lucky 63 bet, and they must of course be playing in different football matches.

Those six selections are going to all be permed together in a total of 63 bets, as that is obviously why that bet has the name it does have, and the unit stake on each of those 63 bets must be the same. Obviously, it is up to you just what your unit stake will be, but when placing let’s say a 0.10 unit stake on a Lucky 63 bet you total outlay on hat bet will be 6.30 in the currency your betting site account has been set at.

Those 63 bets are going to be made up of 6 single bets, a total of 15 double bets, some 20 treble bets, 15 four-fold bets, 6 five-fold bets and one six-fold bet too.

What you will also find if you are prepared to shop around is that some betting sites offer bonus pay-outs to their customers placing Lucky 63 football bets, and those bonuses will often take the form of a double the pay-out odd bonus when just one of the six selections placed on such a bet is the correct one.

However, get all six selections on your Lucky 63 bet correct and some bookies are then going to give you a huge 25% pay-out boost, which dependent  just how big your initial winnings are going see you picking up a large amount of extra winnings by that pay-out booster.

Where to Place Lucky 63 Bets Online

There are a few betting sites that are certainly going to be worth you signing up to them as a new customer if you are tempted to place Lucky63 bets either online or via a betting app, and one that does stand out is the Coral betting site.

They are going to be offering new customers that click through our links to get to their website an enhanced sign up bonus, which could get you off to way winnings tart, however when it comes to betting on football matches you will be very impressed with their live and in-play betting markets.

They make a point of making live early odds on all worldwide upcoming football matches, and they often boost the odds available once certain aspect of many different football matches with their daily price boosts, so whatever you do when betting with them keep your eyes peeled for those price boosts.

Not only are you going to be instantly able to place a Lucky 63 bet with Coral, but you are going to find every single possible type of football coupon bet will be on offer on their online betting platform and their betting app too, so no matter when or where you get the urge to place a footy related bet you are always going to be able to place such a bet with Coral.

Please do consider simply visiting their website, as by doing so you can view all of their current football betting markets and compare the odds being offered dot you with other betting sites, as that is the very best way to see just how high the odds on offer at that bookies site will be, and why you should be placing your bets and wagers  with them too.

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