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Lucky 31 Football Bets

Lucky 31 Football Bets 1

Combination bets are a type of bet that can be placed on multiple sporting events, including football matches, and the benefit of placing them is that you will have every match you select covered in a range of individual bets, and the more matches you predict the result of correctly the bigger your winning pay-outs will then become.

The following guide is going to be looking at the pros and cons of playing a Lucky 31 bet, most if not all bookies are going to allow you to place such a bet, but as some bookies do give out bonuses and consolation pay-outs on that type of bet I will be letting you know at which bookie you should be placing a Lucky 31 bet at too.

The art associated with placing a Lucky 31 bet will involve you trying to pick out a range of football teams that are all going to win, but as they are going to be covered in a series of different bets as you will discover below, even if the teams that you pick out are ones which have low odds attached to them there is the chance of winning big, due to some of the bets being accumulator bets.

An accumulator type of bet is one that will see your initial stake and any winnings from one team then being rolled over onto the next teams that you have chosen to place on such a bet, and then onto the next team and so on.

Therefore even if you pick out teams that are the red hot favourites to win each of their respective matches then you are still going to end up with a decent winning pay-out, as long of course as each of those teams do then go on to win their respective matches, and being the favourites to do so there is always a very good chance that they will do just that of course.

How a Lucky 31 Bet is Structured

To place a Lucky 31 bet you are going to have to pick out a total of five teams playing in different football matches that you hope will end up winning that match, or you could pick out any number of matches that you think are going to end in a draw instead.

That bet contains a total of 31 individual bets and you need to place an equal unit stake on each of those bets, so if you choose to place a 1.00 unit stake Lucky 31 bet for example you are going to end up paying 31.00 in total on that bet, however you can pick out any unit stake based on your gambling budget of course.

Five of those thirty-one bets are going to be single bets, and as such if all five teams you select to win for example all win then you will have five winning single bets.

All those five bets will also be covered in 10 double bets too, so ideally you will of course want to see all five of your selections winning to get 10 winning double bet pay-outs. There are also 10 trebles too on a Lucky 31 bet and there are also give four-fold bets and one five-fold bet too.

What you should be looking out for if you do now fancy placing a Lucky 31 bet are the bookies that will be offering you some form of bonus pay-out based on just how many result you get correct when placing that type of bet, as not all bookies will offer a bonus pay-out.

The generally available bonus pay-outs that are associated with a Lucky 31 football bet are double the pay-out odds if just one of your five teams win their respective matches, and some bookies also pay-out a 20% bonus if all five of a punter’s selections are winning ones.

Where to Place Lucky 31 Bets Online

I would suggest you sign up to any of our showcased betting sites, for each of them are fully licensed and regulated, so at the end of the day you are never going to experience any problems betting at those sites, and if you do they will always be sorted out rapidly.

Coral are however a great set to bet at, especially if you are eager to bag some of the best offs on any upcoming football matches, ass they always tend to make like their betting markets very early, so you will have plenty of time to pick out the matches and teams you do wish to place a bet on.

However, try and check out their boosted odds section of their website, for they price boost a lot of different aspects of upcoming football matches too, and that will ensure that you lock in even more betting value when you make use of those price boosts.

New customers are also going to be able to take vantage of an enhanced sign up offer, but only if they click through to the Coral betting site using our links, so make sure that is something you do if you fancy giving either their online betting platform or their mobile betting app a try.

Their app by the way is just as advanced as their online betting platform, so make no mistake about it you are going to be able to place any type of bet you wish to place on that app as you can place online.

Lucky 31 bets are accepted at Coral too, and you will also find that every other type of combination bet is on offer, so no matter which type of bet or when or how you wish to place them, you can also do so as one of their customers.

With rapid winning pay-outs also offered, then you are not going to face some of the lengthy delays that you could end up facing when betting with other online and mobile bookies, and they have some of the highest pay-out and cash-out limits too.

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