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Lucky 15 Football Bet Explained

Lucky 15 Football Bet Explained 1

The number of football coupon bets that can be placed by punters these days seems to grow larger in number each month, however there are some bet types that have been around for decades and are still regularly placed by punters.

One bet is known as a Lucky 15 bet and whilst many punters may be under the impression that you can only place one of those bets when betting on horses, be aware that is certainly not the case and instead of picking horses you can in fact pick out football teams you hope will win their upcoming matches.

With that in mind below you are going to find an overview of how a Lucky 15 bet works when you are betting on football rather than any other sport and I will also be giving you an insight into where you can place such bets online or on a mobile device too.

What you do however need to be aware of is that there are several other bets that are similar to a Lucky 15 bet, two of which are a Lucky 31 bet and a Lucky 63 bet, and once you have finished reading through this guide I would suggest you read through my guides on both of those two other bet types too, as you may fancy placing either of them.

Do also feel free to peruse this website, for if you do love nothing more than betting on football then you are going to find more than enough bets are going to be available to you, and you will also find plenty of high valued sign up bonuses from many different bookies, sportsbooks and betting sites and apps are going to be available to you as you look around this website too.

Just try and keep your wits about you when betting on football matches, and gamble responsibly too, as betting should be fun and not something you become addicted too.

What’s Involved in Placing a Lucky 15 Bet?

To place a Lucky 15 bet you will simply need to try and work out just what aspect of a football match you wish to bet on, the most commonly placed bet placed on such a coupon are ones that simply based around the match result, that being whether the home team or the away team of each match will win or whether any match will end in a draw instead.

However, you are required to bet on four different football matches, and by doing so you will then have those matches covered in 15 different and separate bets on that betting slip.

Each bet does of course need to have its own stake, and the unit stake of each bet will be the same, so if for example you decide to place a £1 Lucky 15 football bet then in total your bet will cost you £15 in total, and the unit stake for each of those fifteen bets will be £1 obviously.

The fifteen bets will be covering 4 x single bets, so even if only one of the match results you predict is correct then you will at least have one single bet producing a return, there are also six double bets covered along with four trebles and one four timer too.

Many bookies will be offering some type of bonus pay-out when punters place a Lucky 15 football bet with them, and the most readily available one will see punters who place such a  bet but only have one winner will have the odds on the one winner trebled.

As such it is important for you to shop around as not all bookies are going to be offering you a bonus pay-out, and not all bookies are of course going to be offering you the best odds on the outcome of all upcoming football matches too, but you should not experience any poor valued bonuses or low odds when betting at any of our featured betting sites.

Best Bookies to Place Lucky 15 Bets With

Take a look at each of the bookie reviews on this website, as that way not only are you going to discover just what each of those betting sites are going to be offering you as an incentive to try them out for the very first time, but you will also find details of why we have chosen to showcase them all to you.

I would also advise you to look as bookies such as Betfred, when it comes to placing football related Lucky 15 bets, for make no mistake about it, you are going to find the promotional offers and bonus and consolation bets offer by that betting site way too good to miss out on.

Paddy Power are also a rock-solid bookie too, and when it comes to giving away the best valued betting bonuses you will be very hard pressed to find a betting site that offers more each day of the week than Paddy Power.

If on the other hand you want to try your look as a bookie yourself, then it will pay dividends for you to sign up to Betfair, for by doing so you are going to be able to work out your own betting markets and offer odds to other users of that betting exchange.

But to take advantage of any of the sign up bonuses offered by those top rated football betting sites you will need to click through to their websites using out links, so make sure that is something you do along with reading through the terms and conditions of any and all bonus offers that you find displayed on their website.

Keep in mind too there are literally dozens of other football related coupon bets that are available to you these days, so no matter what matches, players or teams you wish to bet on, there will be a footy coupon that will suit you down to the ground at any of our featured betting sites, that’s for sure.

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