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How to Place a Yankee Bet on Football Matches

How to Place a Yankee Bet on Football Matches 1

I do hope that you have been making full use of my many football coupon and football bet guides that are available on this website, for there are lots of different bets you can place on upcoming football matches of course, and some huge potential winning pay-outs are offered on most of them, and huge pay-outs is what every football punter is of course after achieving.

This guide as you may have already guessed from its name, is going to be taking a look at just what a Yankee Bet is, and how you can place such a bet, and I will also let you know at which betting sites or which betting apps you should be placing such a bet at, regarding the ones that offer the best bonus pay-outs and additional consolation bets to their customers too.

Keep in mind though that as you are going to discover below a Yankee football bet is only going to be suitable to you if you want to pick out a certain number of football teams to bet on, and as such if you have fewer or even more than the required number of teams needed to be able to place a Yankee bet then there will be another type of combination bet much more suited to you.

I should also point out that I have fully reviewed and compiled a guide of every single type of football combination bet you can place and every type of football coupon bet too, and as such do feel free to take a look around this website as that way you are going to be guaranteed of finding a bet type that will suit you down to the ground.

But never make the mistake of just picking a betting site or betting app at random as which to place your best and wagers at, you are going to be best advised to only sign up to and bet with those bookies that are showcased to your throughout this website, and there are reason why you should only be betting with them which you will discover below and through my additional guides.

How a Yankee Bet is Designed

The way in which a Yankee bet has been designed is such that you are going to have to pick out a total of four different outcomes in four different football matches that you would like to have included on that bet.

You could for example pick out a couple of teams that you think are going to draw their next matches and one that is going to win at home and one that is going to win when paying away from their home stadium, but whatever outcomes you bet on you do have to pick four of them and they do have to be in different football matches.

Once you have picked out your four different outcomes then you will need to decide on a unit stake for the 11 bets that make up a Yankee football bet, the unit stake much be the same on each individual bet, so if you place for example a 2.00 unit stake then the total outlay you will have on that bet is 22.00 in whichever currency your betting site or betting app account is set at.

As for just which eleven individual bets that you will have included on your Yankee bet, well you will have 6 doubles a total of 4 trebles and one four-fold accumulator bet too. As there are no single bets included in a Yankee bet then the minimum number of winning selections you need to have on your Yankee bet to get a return is two of them.

Where to Place Yankee Bets

I always advise anyone that is about to set out and start betting on football for the very first time to always take a step back and never be in any type of rush to simply sign up to the first betting site they come across, for it will pay dividends for any punters to make a point of comparing just what a range of different bookies are going to be offering them.

However, when it comes to football bets and Yankee bets then you should experience no problems what so ever by making the very smart decision of signing up to the Ladbrokes betting site, for they are a betting company that know what all football betters look for and demand from a  betting site and always go that extra mile to keep their customers happy too.

By clicking onto any of the Ladbrokes betting site links on our website you will then be taken directly over to their website but they will then invite you to claim and make use of an enhanced in value sign up welcome bonus when you sign up as one of their new customers.

You are also going to be very quickly discover why that bookie is one of our top rated ones, they are famed for offering the highest possible odds on all upcoming football matches and make available to their customers some of the very highest valued ongoing offers and deals too.

As such you are always going to be getting much bet football betting value when betting with Ladbrokes and by making use of their higher odds and their ongoing promotional offers too, then you will gets some much higher valued winning pay-outs when placing winning football bets with them

I should also point out that you can of course bet online via the Ladbrokes betting platform which is  very easy to use, however if you wish to place bets from wherever you happen to be both quickly and in a hassle free type of way then you can also download their state of the art betting app too, which will give you access to just as many football betting markets as their online betting platform offers customers.

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