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How to Place a Heinz Bet on Football Matches

How to Place a Heinz Bet on Football Matches 1

There are three main types of football bets you can place these days, the first is a simple single bet that you can place for example on just one team to win their net upcoming football match, or you can place a football coupon bet which is simply a accumulator bet.

However, the other type of bet of which there are many individual ones in that category are what are known as combination bets, and one that you may just be interested on placing is called a Heinz bet and below I will be giving you some idea of just how that bet has been designed, so read on for the potential pay-outs on that type of bet can often be huge.

Before I do give you an insight into just how a Heinz bet has been structured and designed, be aware that even though you will find more than enough betting site at which to place those types of bets at, there are some bookies that are much more suitable for placing certain types of bets at.

What I mean by that is that you will often find some betting site and betting apps giving their customers access to a range of special football bet related bonuses, offers and deals, and by knowing just ones are the most generous you can often lock in the maximum betting value, and get much better odds and higher winning pay-outs when betting site certain bookies.

Below therefore what I will also be doing is introducing you to one betting site that is going to be the very best one to sign up to if you are interested in placing a Heinz bet on any upcoming football matches, so makes rue that is a betting site you become  customer of sooner rather than later to bag yourself the very best odds in the business and also have access to no end of football betting offers and deals too.

How a Heinz Bet is Designed

You may be wondering how this type of bet got its name, well it is of course named after Heinz famous for their different sauces, for there are going to be the same number of individual bets that you will be placing when you do place a Heinz bet as Heinz have varieties, that of course being 57 of them.

Now, the very first thing that you will need to be aware of when placing this type of combination bet is that you are going to have to place six selections on your bet, so if you want to for example pick out 6 teams that must be playing in different matches that you think are going to win, then that is what you can do.

You could of course choose to pick out teams that you think are going to draw instead or mix them up, that decision will be of you to make.

As there are 57 different individual bets on a Heinz bet you need to be aware of what they are and when placing such a bet your unit stake must be the same for all of those bets so when placing a 0.10 Heinz bet for example your total outlay will be 5.70, however you can pick out any unit stake that suits your bankroll of course.

A minimum of two of your results placing on a  Heinz bet need to be winners as there are no single bets on a Heinz bet, and the combination bets that make up those 57 individual bets are 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and a 1 six-fold bet. So, the more results that you manage to predict correctly then the higher in value your winning pay-out will then become.

Read on for there is a betting site that I have listed below that is going to be a great one to place Heinz bets at and comes highly recommended to all punters too.

Where to Place Heinz Bets

By far and away the very best betting site you can sign up to when you want to place football bets is Coral, for they are a betting site that are passionate about football, and as such are going to be giving you some very fair and decent odds on whatever type of football bet you wish to place.

They do have a sign up bonus offer available to all new customers too which you can claim instantly by clicking through our links to get to their website, and when you do arrive at their website feel free to check any of their live football betting markets, as you will be very impressed by the odds they are offering you.

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