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Goliath Football Bets

Goliath Football Bets 1

You do have to learn about the many different types of bets that can be placed on football matches if you want to ensure that on every wager you place you are getting the very best value and the chance of winning big too, and with that in mind I will be giving you an insight into an often overlooked type football bet that being the Goliath bet.

Now, not all bookies are going to let you place such a bet on football matches, but the bookie that I have listed further down in this guide will do, and they are also famed for their bonus pay-outs and consolation football bet related bonuses too, so do read on to discover just what is involved in placing such a bet as you may fancy placing one of them.

What you need to understand about placing a Goliath bet rather than for example when you place an accumulator bet or when placing a football coupon type of bet, is that you are not placing just one single bet on which every outcome you have selected must be correct for you to get paid out any winnings.

A Goliath bet is known and designed as a combination bet and as such you are placing lots of different bets on that one single betting slip so even if you do not pick out the correct results of every single team or match you place on a Goliath bet but just some winning outcomes, then you are still going to be in line for a winning pay-out.

Therefore please do read on to get your head around how such a bet has been designed and structured, and if you do like what your read and fancy trying your luck on one of them then the bookie I will be presenting to you at the foot of this guide to Goliath football bets is going to be the one bookie you should be placing such bets at, for a hassle free type of betting experience.

How a Goliath Bet is Designed

When placing a Goliath bet you are going to have to pick out the results you wish to bet on from eight different football matches, and by doing so you are going to have those eight outcomes all permed together in a total of 247 individual bets.

Be aware that there are no single bets that make up a Goliath bet with the minimum number of winning outcomes you need to have selected being two of them to achieve a winning pay-out.

Those 247 bets are made up of a total of 28 doubles, 56 treble bets, 50 four-fold bets, along with 70 four-fold bets, 56 five-fold bets, 28 six-fold bets, 8 seven-fold bets and one eight-fold accumulator.

Therefore, you are going to have to pick out a unit stake levels that will allow you to place such a bet that you can afford based on your available bankroll. If you place for example a 0.10 unit stake, then in total you are going to be placing a Goliath bet that will cost you in total 24.70.

Whilst you may find the cost of placing a Goliath bet quite high, if you place a much smaller until stake you still have the chance of winning big if you are ever lucky enough to pick out the results correctly of all eight team that you have chosen to place on a  Goliath bet.

That may actually be something you could do, and many punters tend to pick out the favourite team to win in each of the eight matches they have chosen to place on their Goliath bets, for even though the odds will be rather low on the favourite football teams to win any football matches, as they are permed together in each of those bets mention above, the potential returns can be huge.

Where to Place Goliath Bets

As for just which betting site you should be placing any type of Goliath bet, and not only on football matches but any other sporting event you fancy betting on, well make no mistake about it there really is a lot to like about Coral.

For a start they are going to cater for low stake punters, so if you only place the occasional bet and simply wish to place low value bets, then you will have no difficulties being able to do just that, but they do have some massive cash-out and pay-out limits in place eon both their betting platform and betting app too, so they do of course also cater for high stake punters too.

The odds you will be offered are of course going to be just as important as being able to place e bet of a value you wish to place and that is when betting with Coral really will take you to another level, for they are often going to boost the odds on plenty of different results in a  range of different football matches.

By taking advantage of those odds boosters then you are going to have some potentially much higher valued winning pay-outs coming your way, if you are lucky enough to pick out every single winner you place on any of their different football bets.

Plus, when you win you are not going to have to wait very long to get paid out your winnings, in fact if you get one of their Coral Connect Cards then you are going to be able to walk into any of their betting shops for example and get paid any winnings you have achieved betting online or on their betting app on the spot and in cash too, so there really are going to be plenty of reasons to bet with Coral.

Just make sure that you click onto any of our website links to take you to their website if you do want to sign up as a new customer of Coral as you can then claim their enhanced sign up welcome bonus offer instantly.

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