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Goal Scorer Coupon

Goal Scorer Coupon 1

It is the simple fact that punters can and often do win some significant winning pay-outs when placing football coupon bets online, that most football fans are regularly going to place such bets.

In fact, across the UK every Saturday morning a huge number of punters are going to be sitting down and trying to compile what they hope will be a huge paying football coupon bet, and even low stake bets of that nature could turn out to be huge paying ones.

Every now and then a betting site is going to launch a brand-new type of betting coupon, and it is our featured betting sites that do tend to launch a range of new ones the most often.

One brand new type of footy coupon bet you will come across is called the Goal Scorer coupon, and as the name of that bet does suggest, what you are going to be faced with doing is trying to work out which footballer playing in any featured football matches are going to score a goal.

As long as the player you select scores at the very least one goal at some point in the match, that being the first 90 minutes of play and any injury time then that bet will be a winning one, however what makes this type of bet appealing is that the odds on each player scoring can be huge.

Therefore, by perming any number of players together on a single bet that could see your potential winnings being massive in value, as long as all the players you select do go on to score a goal of course!

Where to Place Goal Scorer Coupon Bets

Keep in mind that as soon as a bookie does launch a new type of football coupon bet, many other betting sites will then copy that idea and will quickly launch their own range of similar bets, but they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

However, what I would advise you to do is to make a point of only ever placing a football bet or for that matter any type of sports related bet at our featured betting sites, for that way you will never run into any type of problem when betting with them, and those top-rated sites do of course boast some of the highest cash-out and pay-out limits of any betting sites.

The Coral betting site have just launched their brand new Goal Scorer betting coupon and therefore that is the betting site I would recommend you pay a visit to if you do fancy placing this type of bet, in fact you will be very impressed by the odds being offered on all players to score a goal when you do check that bookie out, I can guarantee you of that.

As they are one of our approved bookies, you will instantly qualify for their high valued welcome bonus sign up offer when you click through to their website using our links, so make sure that is something you do!

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