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Get Paid Out Early on Football Bets at Paddy Power

Get Paid Out Early on Football Bets at Paddy Power 1

You are of course going to be offered plenty of football coupon related promotional offers dependent on just which bookie you place such bets and wagers at. However, one bookie that really does put together some outstanding football promotional offers is Paddy Power.

They have had a promotion running for many months now, and it is still live, and that offer will see you getting paid out early on your football bets if one important thing happens in the football match or football matches you have bet on.

All that needs to happen is for the team you backed to win any football match to go two goals up at any stage of the match, and by doing so then you will instantly qualify for an early pay-out on those bets.

Therefore, when placing to win bets with Paddy Power you never run the risk of seeing your chosen team or teams going two goals up and then watching as their opponents either draw or win that match as it is being played out.

As always though there are some rules regarding this early pay-out betting promotion, and as such I will now move onto looking at some of the most important ones, so that you can decide for yourself whether it is one that you would lie to make use of.

Qualifying Early Pay-Out Matches

The matches that you can bet on and qualify for early winning pay-outs if the team you selected does go two goals up at any point in time during that match includes all Premier League matches and Le Liga matches that are in play through to January the 1st 2020.

There is of course the chance that Paddy Power may extend this promotional offer into next year, so do make sure that you check out their website for any updates to this promotional offer.

You are also going to be able to place bets on all Champions League matches that are also in play until the 1st of January 2020 too.

As for just which types of bets that you can place to qualify for an early payout if your team does manage to rattle two goals in with their opponents not scoring any or go two goals up, well it is any bets placed before the match started that will qualify and the matches that are listed on the Win-Draw-Win betting markets too.

Obviously, this promotion does not include any matches you have backed to end in a draw, and no in-play bets will qualify for that early winning payout either.

For full details of all of the terms and conditions associated with this offer please do visit the Paddy Power website, and click through our links to sign up to their betting site to as that way you will also then qualify for their sign up welcome bonus instantly too, and that sign up offer is certainly one worth claiming by the way.

Huge Early Pay-Out Potential

One thing to note about Paddy Power is that they do have some very high cash out and pay-out limits, so if you do win big from a small stake bet or prefer betting for high stake amounts, you are always going to benefit from lightning fast pay-outs, and they will always pay you out in full too, and just as importantly by your chosen pay-out method too.

There is a very high early pay-out cash-out limit in place on those promotional offer too, and that limit has been set at a whopping £2,500, so that should be high enough to keep most punters happy and without that pay-out limit for this promotional offer too.

As for just how early they are going to be paying you out your winnings, if you team does end up going at least two goals up at any stage in a match, well you will find that they will have your winnings credited into your account no later than 15 minutes.

Keep in mind though that as soon as they do pay you out that bet is then classed as being settled in full, so if your team does go on to win the match once they have gone two goals up, then you will not be paid out again for them winning that match.

You will be able to take advantage of this early match pay-out promotion when you place your bets online, on a mobile and when texting in your bets and wagers too. You will not be able to take advantage of this offer if you choose to bet in a land-based Paddy Power betting shop by the way.

Bet Online or Via the Paddy Power App

I am also happy to let you know that Paddy Power are one of our featured and approved betting sites, and as such you are good to go and can open an account with them at any time safe in the knowledge that they are a top rated betting site and one you can trust.

As mention up above, you can claim their new customers sign up offer instantly, but do make sure that you click onto any of our Paddy Power links on this website so that bonus can be credited to your account in real time and with no delays.

I would also very strongly advise you to spend some time looking through their current range of promotional offers, for they are a bookie that is famed for offering their huge army of avid football betting customers a range of daily promotional offers, that should allow you to get plenty of value from all of your betting activities on any upcoming football matches.

They are also famed for their live in-play betting markets too, and you really are going to be very hard-pressed to find a bookie that is offering the odds they tend to offer on their live and in-play betting markets, so make sure that you do check them out sooner rather than later.

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