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Football Coupon Winning Strategies

Football Coupon Winning Strategies 1

There are two ways that you could end up becoming a savvier and successful punter when it comes to you placing football coupon bets, you either need to be very lucky when placing such bets, or you need a well thought-out betting strategy.

I will pass over the lucky punter aspect of betting, for we can all have winning streaks and there is no rhyme or reason as to when you may just win when gambling, and instead in this article I am going to be looking at a good football coupon betting strategy.

I will be looking in detail at the following aspects to putting together a good betting strategy, and as such please do read through each section if full and digest the information that I am going to be passing onto you.

  • Research
  • Bookies
  • Bankroll
  • Win Goal
  • Loss Limit
  • Offers and Promotions

Whilst there are never going to be any guarantees that you will win when betting on football, by at the very least having some form of system and strategy in place you will at least become  much more structured punter and will always be gambling responsibly too.

Researching Each Football Match and Team

It may see like you are wasting your time sometime, but never underestimate the importance of setting aside plenty of time to look through any betting coupon and taking a much closer look at the football matches that are listed upon them.

You should study the previous form of any type teams in great detail as that way you will soon get a good idea as to just which result is likely to be the one that any match will end in once you are aware of each teams form.

Things to take into account not only include the current form of each team but their win, draw and losing record when playing the team they are scheduled to play next, and also look at just how successful each team is when playing at their home ground or when playing away.

Any player injuries do also need to be considered too, for a team that may have one or more of their star players inured for example are not going to be up to their full strength when playing their next match.


It is of course vitally important that you place your bets and wagers at a bookie that is famed for offering their customer not only a very wide and varied range of football coup[on type bets, but one that is also famed for their higher than average odds too.

However, that can often be easier said than done, and one aspect to you becoming a savvier and more successful punter when it comes to placing football coupon bets, is that you will have to spend quite some time shopping around and going on the hunt for the highest possible odds on whichever football matches and football teams you wish I place your bets on.

It is not unheard of for some punters to have lots of betting site accounts, as by opening up several such accounts when they do fancy placing a football coupon bet for example they can scan each betting site betting markets and place a bet rapidly when they spot on offering the best odds, and not waste any time having to register as a new user of those betting sites offering the highest odds.

So, make sure that is something you set about doing, ideally opening accounts at several of our feature betting sites as they are by far and away the very best ones available right now online.


The only thing that could stop you from placing a football coupon bet or for that matter any type of bet is not having money available to do so, and it is important that you set yourself a gambling budget and always have access to your bankroll too.

What many punters will do, to ensure that they never get too carried away when betting on football is to have a separate bank account or web wallet type account in which they keep their bankroll, as that way they are not going to be tempted to bet and gamble with money from their main bank account that is needed for other purposes.

You need to treat your bankroll with the utmost respect, and never get to carried away when gambling, and ideal have some idea of just how much you are prepared to bet on any football coupon long in advance of you placing such a bet.

Win Goal

It may sound a tad strange, but the experienced punters out there are always going to have in mind  winning goal when gambling, and by setting themselves a modest winning goal that being the amount of cash they want to win per bet placed they can often go on to achieve those winnings.

With that in mind I would suggest you try setting yourself some winning goals yourself, as that way you will know when to stop betting as soon as you have achieved that winning goal.

Loss Limit

As there is always going to be the chance that you could lose when pacing football related bets and wagers, try and have your own loss limit in place too.

That loss limit will be the maximum amount of cash that you are prepared to lose each day, week or even month, and once you reach that loss limit then stop gambling and call it a day.

Offers and Promotions

One other thing to keep in mind, is that all bookies are going to be offering you some form of bonus offer or promotional deal from time to time, and to ensure you are always going to get the maximum value when betting you should spend some time looking at just what offers and deals are available to you.

Not all bonuses or promotional offers and deals come with the fairest and most reasonable terms and conditions attached to them, so be prepared to read through the terms and conditions attached to any bonus type promotion you have access to, to allow you to evaluate whether they are offering you true and real betting value.

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