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Football Coupon Big Winners

Football Coupon Big Winners 1

There are of course always going to be some punters that win big when placing football coupon bets and football related acca bets, and let’s be honest the thought of a huge pay-out from a small stake bet is why most of us do place such bets each week.

Today, I am going to be looking at some small stake acca and football coupon bets that did come up trumps for some punters recently, and as such read on to discover just how lucky some punters have been when pacing such bets.

55,099/1 Footy Coupon Bet Winner

One low stake punter struck gold with a small stake 10p footy coupon bet, that bet returned some £5509.90 in winnings, which in the greater scheme of things is one hell of a large pay-out.

It was on a both teams to score in both halves coupon bet that punter won big on, and when placing such a bet, as the name suggests you have to pick out the matches in which you think both teams are going to score at least one goal each in both halves of those matches.

The matches which made up that bet were Hibs vs Aberdeen which ended at half time with a score of 1-2, and then ended in a score of 2-3, and that bet got that punter pay-out off to a flying start as it was offered at odds of 28/1

The next match was one in which Chelsea were playing Tottenham which turned out to be a high scoring match as luck would have it for that punter for the half time score was 2-1 and the match ended with a score line of 4-2, and the odds on that bet for reference were 18/1.

The third match on that punters football coupon bet was Borussia Monchengladbach vs Borussia Dortmund and at half time the score was 1-1 and that match ended with a score of 2-3 and it paid out at odds of 9/1.

The final match that earned that punter that huge winning payout for such a small stake ended in a score of 5-4 and that match was the Fiorentina vs Inter Milan match, which at half time had a result of 1-2 and the odds on offer on that bet which that punter secured were 9/1.

20,073/1 Paying 12-Fold Acca Bet

The most basic of football coupon bet is of course the one in which you are simply tasked with deciding how several matches will end, that being either a home win, a draw or a win for the away team.

One punter managed to predict the outcome of 12 matches recent and managed to accumulate odds on that winning bet of a massive 20,073/1.

That punter correctly predicted that the home team would win in the Bury vs Doncaster match which they did with s core of 0-1, and that the away team would also win the Hull vs Nottingham Forest and the final score on that match was 2-3, and he also predicted the Sheffield Wednesday vs Barnsley match would end in a draw, and it did indeed end in a 1-1 draw.

The rest of his bet included predicting the away team would win the Bournemouth vs Chelsea match and the final score of that match was 0-1, and that Liverpool would beat Huddersfield and that they did with a score of 3-0 and that the Crystal Palace vs West Ham would end in a draw, which it did with as score of 2-2.

He also predicted the away teams would win in the Preston vs Brentford, Burton vs Ipswich West Brom vs Man City and Watford vs Stoke matches which they all did and he predicted correctly too that the Arsenal vs Swansea match and the Manchester United vs Tottenham match would be won by the home teams, and that is what did happen.

15,707/1 Paying Five-Fold Coupon Bet

One bet that really was a work of art saw a lucky punter bagging a pay-out worth a mind blowing 15,707/1 and what that punter managed to do was to pick out the winners of five major football competitions.

He picked out the following competitions and correctly named the winner which is listed alongside each of them, and that was some major fete it does have to be said.

  • League One won by Sheffield United
  • League Two won by Portsmouth
  • FA Cup won by Arsenal
  • Champions League won by Real Madrid
  • Europa League won by Manchester United

Keep in mind that you are always going to be able to place similar unique bets when you sign up to any of our featured betting sites, and the more selections you place on which a bet the bigger in value your potential pay-out will become too.

So, if you are feeling lucky and fancy trying to bag a fortune by placing such a bet then get your thinking head on and try and put together your own unique bet and one that has some huge odds associated with it too, for you never know Lady Luck may just flip you a smile and you could win big from such a bet.

10,352/1 Paying Three Team Footy Coupon Bet

One final massive pay bet that paid of recently to another lucky punter saw him turning a £5 stake into a  massive £51,765 winning pay-out, that bet that paid out at huge odds of 10,352/1 was a simple three team bet on which the winning punter picked out three matches in which both teams needed to score in both halves.

The tree teams and the half-time full-time scores in that match for reference were Real Betis Cadiz FT 3-5 – HT 2-4 and the odds on that bet were 16/1.

The next bet was Udinese vs Perugia FT 8-3 – HT 3-1 and that bet had odds of 20/1 attached to it and the final bet was on Espanyol vs Tenerife FT 3-2 – HT 1-1 and that bet paid out at odds of 28/1

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