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Football Betting Sites

It can be a tricky business, hunting around for good football betting sites, for you are going to find no shortages of them available to you, however not all of them are going to be offering you exactly what you are seeking, which is the best football bets available on the day.

However, as long as you have some idea as to just what features, benefits and betting opportunities you are looking for from any site at which you can place football bets at, you will have your own personal checklist of wants and demands, and then can go on to start comparing just what several of them will be offering you as one of their customers.

This football betting sites guide will walk you through just what you should be looking for, and as such make sure you do read on, for you will never want to get short-changed when it comes to placing a football bet on any team to win, lose or draw a match.

What to Demand from Football Betting Sites?

With all the above in mind, allow me to now move onto letting you know just what you should be demanding from any bookies sites you do sign up to, much more so when it comes to football betting opportunities. 

  • Diverse Betting Markets 
  • Real Time Odds
  • In-Play Betting
  • Fast Winning Payouts
  • Consolation Bonuses
  • Odds Boosters

The very first thing you need to have at your disposal are a diverse range of football betting opportunities, obviously if you are a fan of placing footie coupon type bets, then you will want to have access to every possible type of football coupon.

Real time odds are an important factor of becoming a much more savvy football sports bettor too, you will often find some poorly running betting sites do not update their betting odds instantly and in real time, and as such you will often be in for a nasty surprise when you try and take the odds you see displayed on such a site, as the ones they will try and make you accept will be much lower.

To have the opportunity of hedging any football related bets and wagers that you may have placed before a footie match got underway, you should insist on any betting site you do make use of is going to offer you live in play betting opportunities, as any match is being played off.

Another aspect of having a completely hassle free soccer betting experience is having the peace of mind in knowing that when you do eventually win, you are going to be able to cash out your winnings, and have them paid into your bank account or web wallet account rapidly, so stick to those betting sites that offer the very fastest possible pay-out schedules, and certainly ones that do not take more than a day or two to pay you out your winnings.

With bookies always eager to get you to place bets with them, you will find plenty of football betting sites that will offer you a range of consolation bets, that could see you getting your stake money returned as a free bet if it turns out to be a losing one, but something predicted by the betting site happens during a match, so keep your eyes peeled for such consolation bonuses. 

I would also strongly advise you to be on the lookout for football betting sites that are going to pay you out an additional bonus when you place a winning acca bet, based on just how many winners you have listed on such a bet.

Those bonuses can often significantly boost the value of your winning payouts, which may already be substantial if you do pick out teams to win their respective matches for example that have high odds attached to them.

Best Football Betting Sites

Some additional things to be aware of when you are trying to make sense of just which football betting sites to sign up to, are that not all of them hold licenses to operate in all countries of the world, and you really ought to sign up to one that is licensed in your own home country of residence.

Best Football Betting Sites

By doing so you will have the added guarantee that if anything does go wrong when you are betting at a site, you are going to have the assistance of the gambling commission that issued that site with their license to operate, who will be able to step in and get your problems rectified speedily, if the betting site operator has been unwilling to do so.

However, you are never going to experience any problems when betting at our featured betting sites, for they all have been tested out by our team and have always have a solid track record when it comes to looking after their customers too.

Make sure that you can not only make a deposit, and just as importantly a withdrawal from any betting site you are thinking of joining up to using a method that is completely convenient to you, but also pick out a site that will let you deposit in your own home currency too.

If you are forced to have to make deposits and/or withdrawals using just one of a small number of payment options, or are required to deposit, bet and withdraw any winnings via another country other than the one you use at home, then a plethora of additional fees and charges will then be levied onto you.

Finally, do your research and due diligence when comparing all online betting sites, for if you simply rush to sign up to the very first one you some across, you may just live to regret it.

Also keep in mind that there are additional benefit of also signing up to a football betting site that not only have an online betting platform but has an additional mobile betting app too, by signing up to such a site you can then use your log in details to access the online betting platform and the mobile betting app and will always be able to place bet when you are out and about via such an app.

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