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Do Bookies Accept Patent Football Bets?

Do Bookies Accept Patent Football Bets? 1

Placing a bet on a football match these days has never been easier, for gone have the day when the only way you could do so was to make a concerted effort to visit a betting shop or sportsbook, as long as you have access to a computer, tablet device or a smart phone then placing a bet is going to be very quick and easy to do.

Most betting sites and betting apps will not only be offering you betting markets on every single football match being held in any part of the world, but they are also going to be offering you a seemingly never ending range of individual bets you can place on those football matches too.

Those guide however is going to be taking a look at a bet that has been around for decades but may be a bet that you have never yet come across, and that bet is called  Patent bet, and you should not have any difficulties finding a betting site or betting app that offer you such a bet, so please do read on to discover just how a Patent bet has been structured and designed.

What you are also going to have to do of course if you do fancy placing one of those bets is find a betting site at which you can place them, and I am happy to let you know several of our featured and top rated bookies listed throughout this website will let you place such a bet on their online betting platforms or when you use their mobile betting apps instead.

But I will be highlighting one particular betting site below that is best famed for their overly generous customers promotional offers, and I feel that no matter what type of football bet you ever fancy placing you are going to be much better off placing your bets with that bookie mention down below, for they are going to be showering you with value packed offers and deals to help you get the maximum betting value at all times when betting on football.

How a Patent Bet is Designed

Some bets are decades old, and a Patent bet is one such bet, they have been placed by punters for decades and you are still going to find no shortage of bookies that will allow you to place such a bet.

However, as you may never have heard, come across or even placed a Patent bet before, allow me to now give you a very quick overview of how they have been designed, for who knows you may find them highly suitable when you are next thinking about placing a football bet.

A Patent bet will require you to pick you out a total of three selection to place on that type of bet, so you could for example choose three teams playing at home that you think will win their next matches, or three away teams or three matches you think will end in a draw, or any combination on those results.

You then need to pick out a unit stake to place on such a bet, there are however a total of seven bets that make up a Patent bet, so whatever unit stake you select will need to multiplied by seven to arrive at your total stake for that bets.

The seven individual bets you will have covered on your three selections are 3 single bets, a total of three double bets too and one treble bet, so just one of your selections winning will guarantee you a winning pay-out, however the aim is to get all three results correct as that way you will be paid out on all seven individual bets which could see you winning a fair amount of cash, if the odds on each selection are high enough.

Where to Place Patent Bets

Make sure that if you have not yet done so that you sign up to the Betfred betting site, for you are going to have access to an entire range of football betting markets and every single type of football bet you can think of can be placed on their online betting platform or their mobile betting app.

I would suggest if you do wish to give them a try you click through to the Betfred betting website suing any of our links dotted around this website as that way you will then gain instant access to an enhanced sign up welcome bonus too.

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