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Most websites these days use cookies as a way of enhancing their website visitors experience of using their site, and we do make use of cookies throughout this website, and below you will find the cookie policy relating to the website.

Please do take a good look through this cookie policy for by doing so you will find out and discover just what cookies are, how we use them and how to delete them too. Plus, do also make sure you read out terms and conditions associated with using this website and read through our privacy policy too.

What Exactly are Cookies?

Cookies are nothing mysterious, for all they are is a small text file that our server will put onto your device that allows us to spot that you have visited this website before.

It will then allow us to present to you information that you may have been interested in viewing previously, and thus in turn that will allow us to give you a much more tailored type of website visiting experience.

Cookies will also make it easier for you to log into this account fi you have opened an account that will allow you to leave comments and posts on any of the articles, guides and news story that we make available to you too.

Do I Need to Have to Accept Cookies?

There is no requirement what so ever for you to have to accept cookies from this website, however you need to be aware that some sections and parts of this website may not operate and work the way they have been intended to do if you of not accept our cookies.

If you do want to have the ultimate website visiting experience when using this website, we would always suggest and encourage you to accept our cookies, but that is going to be a decision for you to make as per your own requirements.

Third Party Website Cookies

If we have any banners or text links throughout this website, then to allow us and those third-party websites to track visitors moving for example from this website to their website it may be by using cookies that movement from one site to another is going to be tracked.

By using cookies int hat way then any unique and exclusive promotional offers for example we may be offering you on this website will then become available to you when you visit the third-party website, so please be aware that cookies may be used by third party websites showcased, linked into or even mentioned on this website.

How do I Delete Cookies?

It will all be dependent on just what computer, mobile device and operating system and the web browser you are using as to how you set about deleting cookies.

Having said that though you should be able to easily google the type of device you are using and web browser and by doing so you will find a step by step guide for how to remove cookies from your device, but most people tend to leave them in place.