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Betting on the Number of Corners

Betting on the Number of Corners 1

As part of my ever growing range of different football coupon and football related betting guides, today I am going to be giving you an overview of just what will await you if you decide to place a bet on the number of corners that will be awarded in any upcoming football matches.

You will be allowed, dependent of course on just which bookie you place such bets with, to place an individual bet on the number of corners in any one single match and you may also be able to perm several such bets together in an acca and/or football coupon type of bet too.

It is worth me pointing out that before a scheduled football match starts a number of corners betting market will be on offer to you at those betting sites that accept such bets, but also once a match begins they will then become available on the respective in-play betting markets too.

You are not going to have to try and predict the exact number of corners in any match to the exact value, as there will be just three different options that you can pick out and place such a bet on, and I will be taking a look at what the usual and standard values are in the next section of this guide.

If you do fancy placing such a bet then please do read this guide through in full for in the final section I will also give you the name of one of our featured betting sites at which you will always find a plethora of these types of betting markets on a  very large and very diverse range of football matches that are being played all around the world.

As there are plenty of additional football coupon bets that you can also place online or on a mobile device then if this type of bet doesn’t appeal to you there are plenty of other ones you may find you are much more tempted to place so please do look around this website for details of every other type of football bet, acca bet and football coupon bet you can place.

Rules for Placing Total Number of Corners Bets

If you do fancy playing a bet or several bets and perming them all together on a football coupon or acca bet on the total number of corners that will be awarded in one or more football matches, then allow me to now give you a run through of the bet specific rules for placing such a bet.

Obviously these rules can and may vary dependent on just which betting site you finally decide to place such bets at, but those betting rules listed below are the industry standard ones related to betting on the total number of corners awarded, so you will find them in place at most betting sites.

The bets placed on that type of betting market will be settled on the total number of corners that have been awarded in the first 90 minutes of play only, unless otherwise stated by the bookie you ate betting with, so usually any corners awarded in extra time will not count.

Instead of you having to name the exact number of corners scored you will be required to pick from one of the following three betting options when placing such a bet. They are under 10 corners awarded, between 10 and 12 corners awarded and over 12 corners awarded too.

If you however choose to place such a bet on an in-play betting markets as opposed to a betting market in place before a match begins, then those values could be increased or decreased in number based on how the match has progressed up until the point in time you decide to place an in-play bet on the total number of corners awarded.

Which Bookies Accept Total Corners Football Bets?

Spend as much time as you like reading through my reviews of each of the top rated betting sites and betting apps that I have compiled and added onto this website, for by doing so you are going to very quickly and easily discover just what each of them have to offer you by way of football bets and football coupons.

However, there is one bookie that I would always recommend to anybody that is thinking about playing a bet on the total number of corners awarded in any upcoming football match, and that betting site that comes highly recommended is the Ladbrokes betting site.

As part of our ongoing service to ensure that everyone that does place football bets and wagers get the maximum betting value, you will find that by signing up to the Ladbrokes betting site or when making use of their betting app as one of their new customers you are going to be able to claim an enhanced sign up welcome, bonus offer.

Just click or tap onto any of the Ladbrokes betting site links dotted around this website as that way they will then make that enhanced sign up bonus offer when you register as a new customer and log into your account for the very first time.

Bagging the best odds available is always something else that you will be very eager to ensure you do when betting on any aspect of a football match, and you really will be very impressed by just how generous and fair the odds that will be available to you when you bet with Ladbrokes.

They are also a bookie that is best famed for opening up their football betting markets much sooner than most other betting sites open up theirs, so you are always going to have access to a very wide and a very diverse range of betting markets long before they are available anywhere else when you do make the very wise decision of signing up to Ladbrokes, so make sure that is something you do sooner rather than later.

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