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Acca Insurance Coupon

Acca Insurance Coupon 1

There will come a time, and I can guarantee you of that, you will have placed a number of football coupon bets and/or Acca bets, you will be sat there going through the results of each match and will be well on your way to a winning pay-out, but then one result will not have gone the way you predicted and your football coupon bet will end up being a loser.

Being let down by one team is something you are often going to have to get used to when placing such a bet, but things may not feel bad if you have placed your bet at one of the many betting sites that are going to be offering you an Acca Insurance football coupon.

When you make use of that coupon, or place a simple football related accumulator bet, if one of the teams on your bet loses, if you have predicted a certain number of matches on your bet, then some bookies will give you your stake money back as a free bet.

Most punters do not place huge stakes on such a bet, but quite a number of our approved betting sites will have Acca Insurance on offer that will return a fair chucking or even all of your stake money back as a free bet, and when that day arrived when one team does let you down on such a bet you will be pleased you did qualify for that Acca Insurance!

Where to Place an Acca Insurance Bet

As soon as one bookie started to offer Acca Insurance, several other ones jumped on the bandwagon, and as such you will find several betting sites that are going to be offering you your stake money back if one of the teams lets you down on your football coupon bet.

However, keep in mind that it is often on the set aside Acca Insurance football coupon that the insurance will kick in and there will often be a different set of terms and conditions associated with you getting your money back at each betting site too.

That money back will often take the form of a free bet equal to the stake money placed on such a bet, however each bookie will have a cap on just how much you can claim back, and you will also need to be aware of just how many teams you will need to have bet on to qualify for the insurance and sometimes the teams you pick will have to be of a certain value regarding their win odds.

To make  your life so much easier I would encourage you to visit the Paddy Power betting site, for they have some of the fairest terms and conditions associated with their Acca Insurance football coupon and they do, from what I have seen give you a much bigger amount back as a free bet, so that is where you should be placing this type of bet online.

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