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1st Goalscorer – Odd or Even Goal Minute Coupon

1st Goalscorer – Odd or Even Goal Minute Coupon 1

I always advise punters wishing to place some of the much more unusual football bets to spend some time looking over the Ladbrokes betting site, for if there is going to be one bookie that is always dreaming up and offering some unusual football betting coupons then it is that bookie.

As you will notice however if you do decide to check them out, they offer all of the standard football coupons, and as such you will never have any problems being able to place such your usual footy coupon bets with them, but when you want to be a little bit more adventures, then it really will pay dividends for you to sign up and bet with them.

One betting coupon and range of bets that you will find on offer at Ladbrokes revolve around their 1st Goalscorer – Odd or Even Goal Minute Coupon, and as the name of it does suggest on each match you choose to bet on via that coupon and betting markets, you are required to pick out one player that you will think will score the first goal.

Once you have selected you chosen play who you hopefully think is going to score the very first goal of any upcoming match, then you are next tasked with trying to predict whether he will score that goal in an odds minute of the match or an even numbered minute to the match instead.

The odds will probably be the one determining factor when it comes to placing such a bet, for they will be considering higher than you simply picking out the player that you think will score the very first goal in any match.

Obviously you are allowed to pick out multiple players who are playing in different matches as the one who you think they will score the first goal and whether it will be in an odds or even minute in each match they do so, and the more players you pick out and add onto your coupon/acca bet the bigger in value your potential winnings will become.

Rules of a 1st Goalscorer – Odd or Even Goal Minute Coupon Bet

Let me just give you a quick insight into the betting rules associated with this bet just so you never fall foul of any of them.

As mentioned up above each individual selection if made up of two parts, the first being the name of the player you think will score the very first goal and next part of that bet is whether they will score that first goal in any match in an odds or even minute.

Both parts of that bet you elect do need to be correct for you to them be deemed to have placed a winning bet. If, however the player you select does not take part in that match for any reason up until the time of the first goal scored, then the bet will be void and your stakes will be returned to you.

Should the match you have bet on be a goalless match then your bet will obviously be a losing be, the result will be determined based on the governing body or the official website of an official source announcing the result.

When the first goal scored in any match you have bet on is scored during injury time however, whether that bet at the end of the first or second half of the match then the bet will be steeled as per the official result.

Meaning that is a goal is scored in the 5th minute of injury time at the end of the first half of the match and the time announced by the official source states the goal was scored in the 45th minute then it will be an odds minute that bet will be deemed to have been scored in.

Ladbrokes – Home of the Football Bet

You are always going to be made very welcome as a customer of the Ladbrokes betting site or when using their betting app instead, and keep in mind that the promotional offers and deals they are going to be showering upon you will always be much higher in value when you bet online or on aa mobile device than they ever will be when you bet in one of their land based betting shops.

If you haven’t yet signed up to the Ladbrokes betting site then you will need to click onto any of our links that will take you over to their website, as that way you will be guaranteed of qualifying for that new customer sign up welcome offer you can see showcased throughout this website.

That bonus offer by the way comes with the fairest set of terms can conditions you will find attached dot any betting sites welcome offer, and as such it is very easy to claim and comes with no nasty surprises buried in the terms and conditions.

When it comes to the range and type of football coupon bets that you are going to be able to place as a customer of Ladbrokes, well I just know that you are going to be amazed at just how many of them will be available, and being one of our top rated betting site it goes without saying you are always going to get paid out your winnings rapidly from Ladbrokes too.

One other thing to note if you are thinking of using your mobile device to access the Ladbrokes betting app, and that is that everything that is available and on offer to you via their online betting platform is going to be on offer to you on their mobile betting app, so you will not be making any comprises when betting on that app.

Please do feel free to take a look over the website right now, just make sure you do so by clicking through our links to ensure you will be able to claim their exclusive sign up welcome offer if you do go on to register as a new customer.

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