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Best Football Betting Sites and Coupons 2020

Welcome to Now, when you set about betting on football matches, there is a huge choice to check through. For example, football leagues and even which players or managers you think are going to be transferred, sacked or will simply give us the game all together; you are faced with a huge number of different betting opportunities and types of bets to place.

However, it is very often the football coupon bets that most punters will be eager to make use of, especially when they want to perm together several bets in one single bet, for those types of bets, when winning ones, can pay-out some huge amounts of cash, even when you are betting for small stakes.

 Top 3 Football Betting Sites

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10bet Sports Betting Site

10bet might be a surprise to a few here, but, 10bet have improved their Football Betting markets considerably in the last year or so. To such a degree in fact, that now, November 2020, they have become our favourite football betting bookmaker! There markets are vast with many popular bets and coupons available and may in house bets up for grabs too! To check out their superior football betting opportunities and coupons simply click the image below and you will be whisked to their Sign up page where you will also receive a generous 50% matched sign up bonus on your first deposit!

10bet is a great site for football betting in the UK


Online Betting on Football Coupons : All you Need to Know

Now what does make football coupon betting such a popular pastime and even hobby for most fans of the sport, is that each bookie tends to have a different array of coupons on offer on their respective betting sites, and there is often a huge array of promotional offers available too.

It is with all of the above in mind that the Footy Coupons website has been launched, and as such if you are new to that way of betting or simply need a few pointers as to which types of football coupons you should be making use of or which bookies you should be betting at, then please do have a good look around this website.

Whilst luck can play a part as to whether you will win or lose when pacing any type of football related bet, but those of you out there that have acquired the art of working out the form of each team and can predict the winning outcomes on each match you bet you could win some huge amounts of cash when placing such bets.

What is a Football Coupon Bet?

In its most basic form, a football coupon bet is one on which you can pick out any number of outcomes, in as many different matches you like and then perm them all together in one single bet, which is basically an Acca or Accumulator type of bet.

Once you place such a bet though you will need every single match you pick to end in the way you predicted, whether that is a home team win, a draw or an away team win.

top football coupons

The stake levels can be chosen by you, and your initial stake gets placed onto the first match you bet on, if that is a winning bet then the winnings and stake then will roll over to the next match you have chosen, and the next match and so on.

The greater the number of matches you choose to bet on the higher in value your winning pay-out potential becomes, but if one or more of the matches you pick doesn’t end in the way you have predicted that bet is a losing one.

The odds that will be on offer on a football coupon are known as fixed odds, and as such they are unlikely to ever change in value either upwards or downwards, irrespective of just how much cash is wagered on any outcome.

Where to Place Football Coupon Bets

What I would actively urge you to do, if you are about to set forth and start placing football coupon related bets and wagers online, is to initially take a step back, and have a good look through each of those bookies that are listed through this website.

The 5 Best Football Betting Sites

The reason for me advising that, is that each of them will be offering you not only a sign up welcome bonus offer, if you haven’t yet become one of their customers, but many of them tend to offer a range of promotional offers on their footy coupons too, and also have some exclusive football coupons available on their betting sites too.

You may find enhanced odds being offered at some of those football betting sites, or you may be offered pay-out boosters or even be offering Acca Insurance which will see you possibly get your stake money back if one team lets you down on your footy coupon.

With so many betting sites and betting apps available, you should make a point of betting only at the top sites, and the ones that are giving their customers more, for when you do win you will then get the highest possible pay-out and will just as importantly get paid out your winnings in full and with no delays either.

Standard Types of Footy Coupons

Make no mistake about it, you are going to come across some weird and wonderful footy coupons online, however it will always pay dividends for you to get an idea of what each of them are going to be offering you, as one may be better suited to the types of bets and wagers you do want to place.

Below I will quickly rattle through some of the most popular footy coupons but also some of the much more unique and exclusive ones that you will find on offer only at selected betting sites, and I will give you an overview of what makes each of them unique.

Keep in mind though that I have also put together some definitive guides to each of the following football coupons, and as such if any of the ones that are listed below do catch your eye you will find more about each of them and information on where to place them on their respective guide.

  • Long List – The Long List coupon is a straight forward one which tends to list all upcoming football matches being played over the weekend, and as such you will have the option of picking out the matches you want to include on your bet.
  • Both Teams to Score – As the name of this coupon suggests, you are tasked with picking out the football matches listed upon it that you think will both score at the very least one goal each at some point in the match.
  • No Draw Coupon – To hopefully increase your winning chances, you could always opt to make use of this coupon bet on which the draw is not offered upon it as one of the outcomes on each match, but the win odds of each team are adjusted for betting purposes.
  • Double Chance – On a Double Chance coupon you can pick out two outcomes as opposed to one in the hope each match you have chosen will end in either of those two ways, much like the bet above though the odds will have been adjusted to take into account you are covering two of the three possible outcomes any match could end in as opposed to just one outcome.
  • Enhanced Odds – You will often find some bookies will be offering you access to an Enhanced Odds football coupon, and whilst there will be a much smaller number of matched listed on those types of coupons the odds have been boosted on each of them.
  • Under Over Goals – For those of you that are seeking a much more challenging type of football coupon the Under Over Goals ones could be worth taking a closer look at. You are tasked with trying to work out whether the number of goals in any upcoming match will be under or over a certain amount when utilizing such a coupon.

Exclusive Football Coupons

There are several top rated and approved betting sites that you are going to see listed and showcased throughout this website, and they will all be offering you some exclusive types of coupon bets.

To help you make sense of just how each of them work and operate and what you are tasked with doing when placing them an overview of them can be found below, and for a much deeper insight into each of them please refer to the respective individual guide located within this website.

  • 20 Minute to Win It Coupon – You are soon going to discover your fate when making use of the 20 minute to win it coupon bet, for it is just the first 20 minutes of the match that is going to be used as the basis of the bet.
  • 30 Minute Limit Coupon – You will be hoping that the outcome of the matches you predict will occur and be the ones in place on any football matches you bet on when using the 30 minute limit coupon, for it is the first 30 minute of the match that are used as the outcome on this bet.
  • 3 Or More Goals Coupon – You will have to pick out which teams you think are going to be the ones if any that score 3 or more goals when making use of the 3 or more footy coupon and the outcome of those matches too.
  • 4 or More Goals Coupon – If you are convinced that a match is going to end with more than 4 goals being scored by one team and can also predict the outcome of that match then this is the bet you should be making use of.
  • 1st Half Coupon – When you make use of this type of coupon bet you will only be betting on the outcome of the match up until the half time whistle.
  • 2nd Half Coupon – This bet is the opposite of the one directly above, and therefore it is only the result of the match that is achieved during the second half of the match that is used for betting purposes.

There are also dozens of other footy coupon bets reviewed throughout this website, so please do spend as much time as you require and need finding out more about each of them, for I am more than confident there will be plenty of them you will find appealing.

Acca Insurance and Enhanced Payouts

Keep in mind that every single bookmaker is going to want you to place a bet with them, and if you stick to those listed and showcased throughout this website, no matter how much you are lucky to win they will always pay you out quickly and in full.

In fact, we have chosen to present to you the betting sites and betting apps that are all licensed and regulated, but also the ones that do have the very highest pay-out and cash out limits in place too.

Some of them however will be offering you something known as Acca Insurance, which will act as a cushion if one team in your footy coupon lets you down, however make sure you find out just how many teams as a minimum you need to place onto such a bet to get to take advantage of that Acca Insurance, and it can be different at different betting sites.

Enhanced pay-outs and bonus pay-outs are also worth taking a note of, for if you are prepared to place a certain number of matches onto your footy coupon, then a range of bonus pay-outs which will be a percentage of your winnings are added to your pay-outs when betting at certain sites.

Sign Up and Welcome Bonuses

One final thing to also be fully aware of is that each of the betting sites are going to be offering you some form of sign up welcome bonus when you become a new customer of their betting sites or betting apps.

The ones listed upon this website have bonuses that are going to be credited to your account instantly, and as such you will never be hanging around waiting for them to appear in your account, and they do come with fair and reasonable terms and conditions too.

Make sure though, that to qualify for those bonus offers, which can take the form of free matched bets or even free betting credits, that you click through any of our links that take you directly to their websites, as that way the betting site will know you came from our website and can then credit you with each offer with no delays.

In fact, I would advise you to sign up to as many of those bookies sites as you can do, for that way when you do spot a value bet on offer on their football coupons you are going to be able to place that bet instantly, without wasting any time in the future having to sign up as one of their new customers.